Monday, December 18, 2006

More Newborn Fitteds

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Here's a view of the latest fitteds that I've made. I used the mamma bird pattern. Which is the first diaper pattern I made. I made the wings bigger, and used wider touch tape. The result turned out much better than the first time. Must be from all those diapers I've made. :) The white terry cloth diaper I didn't use any velcro. Will pin or snappi it on. The floral print (the one dh says looks like an army diaper) I serged instead of turn and topstitch. I like the way it turned out, except for the wings. Need some more practice going around corners there.

The orange diaper is so cute, I had to post a pic of both the inside and out. The orange is an old shirt of mine I was going to give away, and the inside was some flannel I thought would never have looked nice or match in a diaper...It's hard to see, but in between the lines of brown, there are also lines of orange, perfectly matching the outside of this diaper.

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It's been so much fun making these fitteds. More time and work than the waterproof pockets, but the colors are so bright. It makes sewing diapers so much more fun that making 10 diapers that all look the same... (and what a cute baby Joel will be wearing all these different diapers...) too bad he'll grow out of them so fast..

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Medium Stash

I finally finished my mediums. Talk about cutting it down to bare wire. I am glad that they are all done before Joel is here. I still have other things to sew. But at least everything from here on out is for fun, not so much necessity.

Here are all the ones I made....

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I've also felted a bum sweater for smalls. I have an idea of using terry towels and my soakers inside these until he fits into my pockets. A way to save $$ by using what I already have... I think I may need to make a little bigger though, the terry towels are a little bulky... But I tried it on a fitted I made earlier, perfect fit. I made this a 14 inch equalateral triangle. On the doll it is over the mamabird fitted diaper. Thinking of making a few of them if I have time. I don't care for fitted's too much, but for a newborn, it may be good to have some on hand.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Slings and Hats

I've strayed a bit from making diapers for a while. Just because all my diaper stuff is not home and I am. :D I made a fleece sling using the pattern from The first one I made was a little too small. Didn't have a measuring tape, so I winged it. But it fits my super skinny husband nicely. So I purposely made the next one too big. It is a little too big, but figuring that I'll be wearing it in the middle of winter with heavy clothes, it should fit just right.

Here's a pic of the sling. I'm by myself now, so I couldn't get a pic with me wearing it. Maybe another time...

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I also found this really easy hat pattern on It gave the size dimensions for a fullterm newborn, so I made my own pattern and have made hats with what little material I have on hand. It is to be made with stretchy fabric. You can see in my sling picture, I made a matching hat. I also made a red hat with sweatshirt material. But it didn't stretch like I thought it would, and can't get it on any of my dolls. I had an old pair of shorts that I cut up and turned into a hat as well. I had to cut two pieces and serge together instead of cut on the fold. It turned out just fine anyway. It was super stretchy, and fits beautifully. Not as thick and warm as the fleece, but just right for a newborn's daily wear. Going to have to get some cute knits if I can find any.

Here's my hats...

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Joel is going to have WAY too many hats. He's not going to be able to wear them many as I've made, between crochet and now this super wonderful sewing pattern.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

My first PUL Diaper

This week has been a busy get ready for baby week. I've made lots of wipes, soakers and even a diaper. I received my PUL fabric this week and couldn't wait to get started making a diaper. I bought only white since we're trying to save $$, but white is a diaper color and can be used for other children as well. I used the Darling Diaper pattern, with the exception of the way I did the casings around the pocket. I just added material to the top when I was cutting out, then pulled it down and sewed around the elastic. It is just much better that way. I use the shiny side on the inside of the diaper, that's how the fuzzi bunz do it. I think I prefer sewing with fleece, but PUL makes a less bulky diaper. I'll have to get some pics of my wipes and soakers when I can, but here's my diaper.

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Darling Diaper Fitted

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This diaper was from using the pocket fitted pattern. I used fleece for the outer layer, and alova suedecloth for the inner layer. Having black on the inside is a little different. I need to try this diaper out on a baby. It is shorter than the fuzzi bunz, but just as wide. Not sure if fitting is the same just not so bulky?? This pattern was pretty easy, but I didn't care for the way the did the back casing. I had to use a separate piece of suedecloth. I got a little confused while putting it together. I think I will adapt the wee weka casing idea of adding the casing before cutting. Seemed to cut out a lot of bulk and hassle. This pattern also doesn't use elastic on both sides of the back, like the fuzzi bunz. Not too impressed with that either. Thinking that I will keep the wee weka idea on that too, though it does use more elastic that way. Elastic isn't that expensive and I'd rather have a diaper I enjoy using. I'll try it out the next time. I may also try out side velcro next time as well. See which way I like better, and which way uses less velcro.

Soon I'm going to buy the better hook and loop tape and PUL fabrics. Just as soon as my husband gives me the go ahead. I'm going to go with all white I think. It's a little cheaper that way, and white goes well under near anything. We found out we are having a boy, but I'm going to try hard not to do too many "boy" diapers for when we someday have a girl. :D

WeeWeka Side Pocket

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This was made from the WeeWeka Side Snap Pattern from I don't have plastic snaps so I tried my metal ones. Bad news. So I took them all out and just used velcro. I think this is one of the cutest diapers I have made so far. It has fleece outer layer and inner layer flannel. The flannel matched so well. I like the way the back pocket fits together with elastic on both sides, for a neat finish.

Prefold Diaper

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I made this prefold quite a while back. Just now getting to posting it. It was pretty easy to make. I used all flannel. I don't remember now how many layers I made. I followed the directions from I do not like to turn and topstitch though. It looks ok, but I'm ready to get my serger back to working. I like how the serger gives a nice finished look, without bulking up the edges.

Well if it doesn't work well as a prefold, I can always use it as a thick mama pad. :D

Friday, June 09, 2006

Trials...for good and for bad

I tried out my yellow "fuzzi bunz" this week. It worked VERY well. I know it will only get better as it gets washed more too. I kind of forgot that I hadn't washed the fleece yet. So I know the outter will get better. It was really cute on a real baby too! I was suprised that it wasn't as big as I thought it would be for him. So I decided I'm going to start making mediums, and when I get those to a proper stash, then I'll work on the smaller size for newborns-1 month olds. I plan on using disposables in the beginning week or 2 anyway, so I don't want to spend a lot of $$ making diapers when I really need the next size sooner. I may make or buy prefolds and a few newborn covers for the first few weeks if they don't fit into the mediums I'm making.

I started another diaper, also. This one is a weeweka pattern, pocket with side snaps. It is a small/medium, so I am hoping that this will transition better for the newborn, yet work up to the 26 lbs it claims. But... grrr.... I am having some frustrations this week with it. I think I am going to go back to aplix. Since I was just using fleece, I knew metal snaps would be fine, but I must be doing something wrong, as they won't stay on the fleece. I used these same snaps when I made my menstral pads, and no problems. I really wanted to use the snaps, because I don't like my aplix getting messy in the wash. I might just have to buy enough to make laundry tabs.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

My first Fuzzi Bunz Style

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This is by far, the cutest diaper I've made yet! I used the fuzzi bunz type pocket diaper pattern. Link on right. For the outside, I bought some remnants of yellow fleece. The inside is using the same flannel that the rest are made from. The back elastic for the pocket I encased, but the elastic around the legs, I did not, just zigzag stitched it. I had to draw the pattern myself using measurements. I think I need to widen a tad in the front where it is at it's skinniest up towards the wings. It almost looks too narrow, and may leak. But it could be the doll I'm using, too.

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And the inside of the diaper....

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Dwarfs Diaper

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This is my second diaper sewing. I used the same MamaBird Pattern, but I enlarged the wings. This outer is actually an old nightgown of mine. The dwarfs are very worn, but I thought it'd look cute as a diaper. The inside is just cheap flannel. I did not put any inserts in this one, so all soakers will be on top of the flannel.

The nightgown was knit made, not weaved, so it was made a little larger than the first one. I'm sure that is the reason. But I'd kept the pattern size the same (or tried) because flannel is weaved, no stretch.

First Cloth Diaper!

A couple of weeks ago I made my first ever cloth diaper. I used an old shirt that we were going to get rid of for the outer, and cheap flannel for the inner. This is a MamaBird Fitted Diaper pattern. I put a soaker in this one, but the last one I'll put a soaker in. I like the idea of reusing the soakers for the next size diaper. It will save me some $$. Not too bad for my first time. :)

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