Thursday, May 28, 2009

QSFW Modified

Here's my 5 month old, 16.5?? lb baby wearing the medium with the extra rise. This is my favorite QSFW that I have made yet. Not quite as quick. I added blind elastic to the legs and back. I used woven flannel receiving blanket. This is 2 layers. The fit on Isaac is really nice. I folded the flaps down. A must with adding elastic. If you had a girl, you wouldn't have to fold them all the way, like I did. Keeping the absorbancy in the middle. Then with leftover pieces of the blanket I made a 4 layer rectangle soaker. So, 12 layers in the front for my boy. But washing it's only 2. I think it's neat the way the elastic went into the legs. In the front it is rolled (where the flaps fold in), and in the back it ruffles. By the way, I didn't add the middle snaps. I figured with the woven I wouldn't need them, and I was right. Isaac fits on the smallest setting, so room to grow in this diaper! yay!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Another QSFW and Cover


These diapers are so much fun to make. Here is one I used an old flannel receiving blanket. All the other diapers were fitting loose, so I made this one in small and didn't use the extra at the top. Well...the rise is good. But the woven flannel doesn't stretch and this thing barely fit. So I added one snap on each side. This is taken before that. With the two snaps, it fits much better, but not for long. Isaac gave me a BM in this diaper as well, and no leaks. It wasn't his first one that day, but enough to give me a clue as to the hold up on these. The "catchier" the fabric, the better, I'm sure. These diapers are making me very happy. They seem trimmer than a disposable diaper, yet absorb better than some of my microfiber inserts. Maybe I'm changing more often? I don't know.

Katrina's Soaker.

This one is a medium in the fleece pattern. It fits good, slow to get on, but fits perfect on. Love to make these things. So easy, and they fit over these trim fitted diapers so much. Yes, this one is purple. I have lots of pink and purple fleece. I won't be using the pink for Isaac, but maybe something for me.