Friday, June 09, 2006

Trials...for good and for bad

I tried out my yellow "fuzzi bunz" this week. It worked VERY well. I know it will only get better as it gets washed more too. I kind of forgot that I hadn't washed the fleece yet. So I know the outter will get better. It was really cute on a real baby too! I was suprised that it wasn't as big as I thought it would be for him. So I decided I'm going to start making mediums, and when I get those to a proper stash, then I'll work on the smaller size for newborns-1 month olds. I plan on using disposables in the beginning week or 2 anyway, so I don't want to spend a lot of $$ making diapers when I really need the next size sooner. I may make or buy prefolds and a few newborn covers for the first few weeks if they don't fit into the mediums I'm making.

I started another diaper, also. This one is a weeweka pattern, pocket with side snaps. It is a small/medium, so I am hoping that this will transition better for the newborn, yet work up to the 26 lbs it claims. But... grrr.... I am having some frustrations this week with it. I think I am going to go back to aplix. Since I was just using fleece, I knew metal snaps would be fine, but I must be doing something wrong, as they won't stay on the fleece. I used these same snaps when I made my menstral pads, and no problems. I really wanted to use the snaps, because I don't like my aplix getting messy in the wash. I might just have to buy enough to make laundry tabs.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

My first Fuzzi Bunz Style

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This is by far, the cutest diaper I've made yet! I used the fuzzi bunz type pocket diaper pattern. Link on right. For the outside, I bought some remnants of yellow fleece. The inside is using the same flannel that the rest are made from. The back elastic for the pocket I encased, but the elastic around the legs, I did not, just zigzag stitched it. I had to draw the pattern myself using measurements. I think I need to widen a tad in the front where it is at it's skinniest up towards the wings. It almost looks too narrow, and may leak. But it could be the doll I'm using, too.

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And the inside of the diaper....

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Dwarfs Diaper

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This is my second diaper sewing. I used the same MamaBird Pattern, but I enlarged the wings. This outer is actually an old nightgown of mine. The dwarfs are very worn, but I thought it'd look cute as a diaper. The inside is just cheap flannel. I did not put any inserts in this one, so all soakers will be on top of the flannel.

The nightgown was knit made, not weaved, so it was made a little larger than the first one. I'm sure that is the reason. But I'd kept the pattern size the same (or tried) because flannel is weaved, no stretch.

First Cloth Diaper!

A couple of weeks ago I made my first ever cloth diaper. I used an old shirt that we were going to get rid of for the outer, and cheap flannel for the inner. This is a MamaBird Fitted Diaper pattern. I put a soaker in this one, but the last one I'll put a soaker in. I like the idea of reusing the soakers for the next size diaper. It will save me some $$. Not too bad for my first time. :)

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