Thursday, July 10, 2008

Swimming in Trial and Error

I wanted to make Joel a swim diaper for when we go camping next week. I read someone suggest to use the Katrina's Free pattern and use FOE. So I made a medium. Then I couldn't get the thing over Joel's thighs. I guess it runs a little smaller using FOE and woven PUL. I'm wondering if it's even stretch for a newborn.

So, I decided to try a different pattern that says you can make with a swim diaper. The Wee weka side snap pattern. I made one using M/L and FOE. This swim diaper is HUGE on Joel. No way it'd be able to contain in the swimming pool. Maybe next year??

So, I decided I liked that pattern for a swim diaper, so I used the S/M sized of the Wee Weka pattern. By this time I was getting nervous I was wasting PUL. But it fits!

Little Comets XXS Fitted

This diaper turned out so cute. It is super tiny. This is a little comets XXS. Probably the size my newborn will only be able to wear when we go home from the hospital. I forgot to add a inner layer, so it has a lay in soaker. I got frustrated with my serger when making the soaker. It kept breaking the needles, so the last side is zigzagged from my sewing machine.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Darling Diaper Newborn T&T

I found some beautiful fabric sitting in my closet, and even though I am to be making swim diapers for Joel, I found the time to sew up this beauty. It's a darling diaper newborn. The fabric is a little stretchy. This is the first DD newborn that I've sewn turn and topstitch. I also made it a true fitted with all the soaker inside. As my husbands says, another "owl" diaper. :)