Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tinkle Time Trainers and Fleece Shorts

I bought a trainers pattern for Joel. Since our potty learning has been good, but he likes to pee for some reason at home all over everything, I wanted to start having him wear some thicker undies.


The problem??? He refuses to wear these. :( Not sure why he doesn't care for them. All he wants are pants. He did put a pair of shorts on later and call them undies.. Maybe I need to buy the ditto daddy boxer pattern??

This is the second pair I made. The first one was made like my EZDipe I have listed on my etsy account with brown waist band.

Here is a pair of fleece shorties I sewn up. I meant to make them pants, but got confused and measured from the top instead of the waist for the shorties they became. Not sure if I'm going to list these on etsy or not. What do you think?


Saturday, August 08, 2009

Family Cloth Designs on Etsy!

I finally decided to open me an Etsy store. My plans are for cloth diapers wool soakers and mama pads. Maybe a few other accessories like baby wipes. I've also listed a few crocheted baby items I have made. Come check it out.

The name was fun to decide on. I thought about doing something with treehugger since my oldest son LOVES to go around and hug all the trees he can. But...I couldn't think of anything that I liked. My mom and grandma used to make porcelin dolls when I was a kid, and their business name was Family Designs. So since I'm going to sell cloth for the whole family, Family Cloth Designs was born.