Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Love, Flat Diapers

So I found this video on You Tube for folding flat diapers.

I have been trying to figure this fold out since Joel was a baby. Got it figured out and tried it on Isaac. And now I'm in search of all my old flannel receiving blankets to use as flats. They work so well. I just snappi them on. It doesn't work great with flannel, but with a nice cover, it holds in place. I roll the diaper up around Isaac's thighs, and done. I like this way better than anything else so far. I haven't had the test of a poopy in one yet, but maybe today since I've finally found enough blankets for several changes.

For those who wonder how to make these, easy. If you have receiving blankets, they likely are the right size, about 30x30. 27x27 is good to if it's preshrunk. So you don't have to do anything. Otherwise, prewash your fabric and cut to size that you desire (either above will work) and then serge around the edge.

Do you have any idea how nice and clean these things are going to get without any elastic or folds to catch? Or multiple layers to try to rinse out? And then fast do you think these things would take out on the line?

So many who cloth diaper are in it for environmental reasons or it's the "stylish" this to do. I do it for those reasons too, but I am just too cheap to get the stylish, $30+ diapers that are out there. So I am finding myself more and more old school the more I cloth diaper. Though...I still like my snappy and PUL covers more than pins and vinyl plastic panties.