Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two Brothers

Over a year ago I made these. And my cousin, with the same sweater made these.

Here are my two sons wearing the items. It's hard to get a front view picture of both a baby and toddler...But these are some of my favorites.

Look at my chunky Isaac.

Isn't this one just adorable?

And then Mr. Skinny

Thursday, January 22, 2009

How Crunchy are You?

I was reading my friend's blog and she took a crunchy test...I was nursing, and so I figured, why not. The original quiz was here.

1. Do you have a homebirth?
No - alternative birthing method(birth center, CNM in hospital, hypnobirthing, hospital birth, ALL natural without any drugs of ANY kind)

My answer, but I have considered it in the past, and will definitely keep it an option in the future.

2. Will you circumcise?

I didn't know what to put here. We had Joel circumsized, and plan on Isaac, but just tonight we were thinking against it. I put yes, because we have and are not 100% opposed to it.

3. Do you use cloth diapers?
Yes - wash and make own diapers

4. Do you observe your fertility signals using; Natural Family Planning/Fertility Awareness and use that for birth control?
Yes - observe and use for birth control/TTC; or you use ecological breastfeeding/lactational amenorrhea

5. Do you co-sleep?
No - but room in with baby. Baby has own bed in your room

Not opposed to it, and if Isaac did not sleep at night like Joel, would be in bed with us as well.

6. Do you use a baby sling/soft carrier?
Yes - make and use your own slings

7. Do you breastfeed exclusively for the first 6+ months?
Yes - including exclusively pumping moms

8. Do you believe in/practice child-led weaning; even if that means breastfeeding for several years?
Yes - up to 3 years

This is what I put, though I believe each child's circumstance may be different. I weaned Joel at 16 months or so, but he only asked once or twice afterwards.

9. Do you tandem nurse/nurse during your pregnancy?
Yes - nurse during pregnancy, but wean before birth

No opposed to tandem, and even considered it myself, but chose not to for my and the pregnancies health (physically and emotionally)

10. Would you/have you ever breastfed/fed someone else's baby or have someone else breastfeed your child?

If circumstances were to benefit someone else's baby, it might seem weird, but I'd do it for the baby's health.

11. Do you eat organic/whole/natural foods and limit your meat?
Thinking about it

I agree with my friend about organic being very "hype" but I also believe there is some importance to limiting things like preservatives. Limit meat? Nope.

12. Do you use herbal/homeopathic remedies?
Yes - but use a doctor occasionally

13. Do you homeschool?
Yes - currently homeschool

My kids technically aren't old enough, but we will be, so I answered yes.

14. What's your take on childhood vaccinations?
Delayed vaccinations, seperate vaccinations, or selectively vaccinate

I answered this way because we seriously considered this, but will probably be on schedule.

15. Do you use cloth/re-usable products for mom? (Sea Sponge, Diva Cup, etc etc)
Yes - make and use own

16. Do you wear make-up?
No never

17. Do you shave?
Sometimes/Rarely - some parts, like armpits but not legs or vice versa

Ok...I do shave both armpits and legs, but rarely because I just don't need to. :)

18. What is your shoe style?
Give me my socks and shoes please

19. Do you use natural cleaning products/etc?

Not usually, but sometimes I'll clean with vinegar or baking soda.

After my quiz, my test results....

Mmm! Love that whole-grain crunch!

(this was high end of the third most crunchy)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Isaac in Cloth

I finally got something to update. I made this diaper several months ago. And have onlu used it 2 or 3 times. This will be the last time Isaac will wear it as well. This is the dd newborn pattern. Made turn and topstitched. It also was not made with stretchy fabric, so I would suppose this makes it a true newborn sizing, as Isaac is approximately 11.5 pounds.