Thursday, August 31, 2006

Darling Diaper Fitted

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This diaper was from using the pocket fitted pattern. I used fleece for the outer layer, and alova suedecloth for the inner layer. Having black on the inside is a little different. I need to try this diaper out on a baby. It is shorter than the fuzzi bunz, but just as wide. Not sure if fitting is the same just not so bulky?? This pattern was pretty easy, but I didn't care for the way the did the back casing. I had to use a separate piece of suedecloth. I got a little confused while putting it together. I think I will adapt the wee weka casing idea of adding the casing before cutting. Seemed to cut out a lot of bulk and hassle. This pattern also doesn't use elastic on both sides of the back, like the fuzzi bunz. Not too impressed with that either. Thinking that I will keep the wee weka idea on that too, though it does use more elastic that way. Elastic isn't that expensive and I'd rather have a diaper I enjoy using. I'll try it out the next time. I may also try out side velcro next time as well. See which way I like better, and which way uses less velcro.

Soon I'm going to buy the better hook and loop tape and PUL fabrics. Just as soon as my husband gives me the go ahead. I'm going to go with all white I think. It's a little cheaper that way, and white goes well under near anything. We found out we are having a boy, but I'm going to try hard not to do too many "boy" diapers for when we someday have a girl. :D

WeeWeka Side Pocket

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This was made from the WeeWeka Side Snap Pattern from I don't have plastic snaps so I tried my metal ones. Bad news. So I took them all out and just used velcro. I think this is one of the cutest diapers I have made so far. It has fleece outer layer and inner layer flannel. The flannel matched so well. I like the way the back pocket fits together with elastic on both sides, for a neat finish.

Prefold Diaper

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I made this prefold quite a while back. Just now getting to posting it. It was pretty easy to make. I used all flannel. I don't remember now how many layers I made. I followed the directions from I do not like to turn and topstitch though. It looks ok, but I'm ready to get my serger back to working. I like how the serger gives a nice finished look, without bulking up the edges.

Well if it doesn't work well as a prefold, I can always use it as a thick mama pad. :D