Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rita's Rump Cover

Been staring at this fleece sweater all week on my table. Finally got the nerve to cut into it. I knew it would be a cute cover, but I always get nervous cutting, like I'm going to mess up. Then, once it was cut I had to wait because I only had white touchtape. I had red coming, and definately glad I waited for the red. Since this is a cover, no pocket opening. I sewed it up, then realized i forgot to leave an opening to turn it back the right way. I had to wait until Joel was asleep, because in the sling he was very grabby and this dark fleece with black thread and a baby in front of me was not easy to sew, let alone frog. The end result....

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The picture is a little dark, but I do really like this diaper cover. I wish I could topstitch better. The opening where I turn it inside out never looks right. grr. This diaper uses leg elastic sewn on the outside diaper layer, so it turns inward. Supposedly this is for "poop containment." We'll see. Then the back elastic I put on the inside diaper layer so it rolls away from baby. I used granny tabs for the tabs. I didn't use the piping, didn't have any, but oh it would look nice if I had, and red thread instead of black. (can you tell I'm a little bit of a perfectionist...) There is hook on one side, and loop on the other to give it a smaller fit. This fleece is SO stretchy. I am putting Joel in a Rita's Rump Pocket with this cover when he wakes from his nap so I can see how well this fits him. If it's nice with room to grow (it's supposedly one size) I will be making more of these. I have a white fleece sweater and several wool sweaters that would be nice for this wrap.

I love my Katrina's pattern I've been making, but this one will be easier to get on and off a squirmy 9 month old. :D

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