Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another To-Do List

I started a to-do list when I was pregnant with Isaac. Then we moved and I never got to really sew him anything up. But now I get to do it all over again. :) I have a lot to sew up this time. I really want some nb, and smalls instead of just prefolds. I loved using the prefold, and I got a good deal on them, since I couldn't sew my own with moving and fixing up the repo.

To-Do for Joel
1. Finish 2T/3T trainers

To-Do for Isaac
1. Fix elastic on all the BG's.

To-Do for New Baby
1. NB QSFW -6 5
2. NB EZ-Dipe - 6
3. NB La-Di-Da -6
4. NB Fattycakes -4
5. NB diaper cuts - 3
5. Finish small fattycakes I startetd for Isaac, then he outgrew.
5. Small QSFW -6
6. Small EZ-Dipe - 6
7 Small La-Di-Da -6
8. NB Upcycled Wool Soakers -3
9. NB Fleece Soakers - 3
10. NB PUL Cover DDNB - 1
11. Small PUL Cover DD- 1
10. Small Upcycled Wool Soakers -3
11. Small Fleece Soakers - 3

To-Do for Mommy
1. Family Cloth
2. Post Partum Pads -6

To-Do Misc.

I'll add to this list and cross off as I get things done. Sounds busy. Now if only I wasn't so tired when the kids were sleeping, I might have time to get some started.


Wayne Naomi, Sydney and Elijah makes Four said...

Hi, I came across your blog while looking for cloth diaper patterns. Do you mind if I ask a couple of questions? I saw the QSFW pattern and I love the simplicity of the design [I know just enough about sewing to get me into trouble :)]. How well does this style work with your children? Do you need an additional cover over the diaper? Is it enough for daytime wear without the insert? What fabrics do you use?
Hopefully I am not bugging you...I am very new to the cloth diapers and all I could picture when I first started looking was the cloth diapers my mom used on us kids and I thought 'no way am I doing that!'
Anyway, you could reply here on your blog and I'll check back, or my email is:

Julie Renee Holland said...

Wow, that is some to-do list! I am glad I bought some and made some for my little girl. I was so busy sewing for my store, I never got the stash I had planned on done for her.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the fattycake pattern?

Thank you!


Erynn said...

Julie, You can find the pattern at It is $6.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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